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Welcome to Bitandpieces Vape. We are a small company who have a great desire to promote healthy smoking.

A Bit About Vaping

What is vaping ? Vaping is so much like smoking except your not using any tobacco or getting any of the tar or any of the other dangerous additives that are found in cigarettes.Also you wont be producing any of the second hand smoke for people around you to inhale as the vapour produced from the electronic cigarette evaporates into the air in about 3-4 seconds .

Advantages of Vaping

*No more bad/smokers Breath

*No more offensive smoke

*No ash

*Cheaper than cigarettes

*Smoke almost anywhere

*No cigarette Butts

*More cost effective/Saves Money

If you start vaping ,i can promise you that after a week or so of vaping ,you will not even want or enjoy a cigarette .They will taste bad and the smoke will actually bother you when you inhale it into your lungs .You will be able to smell things, taste things and cough a lot less.



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